M.A.T. Pilates, Metropolitan Authentic Training, was founded by internationally-renowned master teacher Dorothee VandeWalle, who is recognized as one of the leading teacher trainers and Pilates practitioners in the world. Dorothee teaches in the tradition of the classical Pilates method. She was the protégé of Romana Kryzanowska—who herself was the protégé of Joseph Pilates—and started teaching with Romana at Drago's Gym in 1987. Dorothee teaches her students the techniques she learned from Romana which are as close to the original teaching of Joseph Pilates as is available anywhere in the world today.

M.A.T. Pilates focuses on training its students in an environment that promotes immersive learning and a commitment to excellence. Furthermore, we are committed to helping our students develop the skills and professional contacts to succeed in their Pilates careers.


The M.A.T. Pilates Teacher Certification program is for individuals who would like to become certified Pilates instructors. It is very selective, rigorous, and the most comprehensive Pilates instructor training program in the United States. The program focuses on hands-on instruction with students working side-by-side with Dorothee and her teacher-trainers. The small group environment is designed to deliver an in-depth and comprehensive training experience not easily found in other programs.

Metropolitan Pilates in Seattle, Washington, is the primary training center for M.A.T. Pilates. It is a state-of-the-art Pilates studio fully equipped with Gratz Pilates apparatus. For students who cannot relocate to Seattle for the duration of the apprenticeship, we offer the Independent Study Option. The Independent Study Option allows students to complete part of their apprenticeship in Seattle and part of their apprenticeship at another location, while still having the opportunity to study with Dorothee. Training centers offering the Independent Study Option are located in Oregon and California.